Who we are

Change in Choice is a social enterprise. We are the first to work with a Theory of Change that shows how food choices create impact where it’s needed the most, to the poorest of producers, and to include all the interventions we implement for our clients in our Theory of Change.  This enables organizations, and in turn their customers, to choose products which lead to positive impacts for farmers and farm workers in developing countries.

We implement innovative ideas that create positive impacts, which means our clients have to prove to us that they are sustainability leaders in their own markets. We focus on changing consumer behavior, by nudging, showing impacts behind food choices, and creating viral campaigns. As a result we create value for our clients, through increasing the people in their target group, creating new target groups and increasing sales. We believe we can and should reach everyone, through messages aimed at people’s emotions. We are OK with doing this, because we will be able to prove that people will make free choices, for a better outcome for themselves and for positive impacts for those affected by their choices. People will be better off, as judged by themselves.