Change in Choice provides and implements campaign ideas which deliver positive social and environmental impact.

In their everyday food purchases people exercise their power to drive change. Today this purchasing power drives many negative effects throughout the food system. Change in Choice highlights the food products which people as customers must avoid or buy, in order to drive positive impact down the value chain, to the producers needing it most.

Many organizations and public institutions struggle to raise people’s awareness on different issues related to a certain food, or to a certain part of the food system. Some ambitious campaigns even try to use people’s choices to catalyze broader change, in an area beyond the control of the organization or institution:

  • NGO’s try to convince food manufacturers to be more responsible and transparent, or governments to adopt policies focused on, or underlined by, sustainability
  • governmental institutions or municipalities try to convince citizens to eat healthy, local or in season
  • food manufacturers try to convince people to buy their certified products

However, all campaigns limit themselves to measuring the signatures obtained, the votes gathered, the number of likes, shares and tweets containing the same hashtag. Very few measure results, such as people’s intentions, measures taken or policies adopted, during or immediately after the campaign. Almost non of them measure actual change in the long term.

Change in Choice sees change as the possible and desirable final effects of the campaigns. From people’s intentions to actual behavior, from companies’ measures taken to actual outcomes, from governmental policies and strategies to the affected people and environment.

Some examples:

– The aim is not only to convince people to sign a petition in order for it to be taken seriously by companies with problems in their supply chains. 1 million signatures or 10 companies adopting sustainability policies should not be celebrated targets. The goal is to assure the well-being of the people in the supply chains and the sustainability of natural resources and the environment. A celebration makes much more sense after these accomplishments of the highest order have been measured and proven.

– Your aim is not only to convince people to eat healthy, local and in season. It is to reduce the incidence of certain health problems, to improve the local economy and the well-being of farmers, to reduce people’s ecological footprint including the greenhouse gases associated with food consumption.

If the description above matches your thinking for the campaign you want to organize, please do not hesitate to contact Change in Choice. We will create the next conscience consumers by showing them the positive impacts they can create by choosing your products or services!


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