We offer consultancy on identifying, measuring and reporting relevant impact, starting with designing theories of change.

We give strategic advice on how to position organizations as net positive impact creators. This goes beyond old-school advice on sustainability. We believe that new, innovative business models can turn any business into a social enterprise and we’re ready to talk about these models with you.

We deliver graphical and textual representations of theories of change, practical impact measurement plans, data collection and analysis, and reporting to GRI standards.

In the near future we will connect these impacts to our own Theory of Change which will act as an overall framework for what needs to be achieved in each sector. Any organization with a social mission will be able to see how it contributes to transforming its market or to achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals.

We love to use impact data in creative ways to grow the ‘green’ consumer segment and change the world. Therefore our areas of expertise have extended with: communication and advertisement that changes consumer behavior, nudging, offline and online campaigns.


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