Guilt-free Shopping

Welcome to Guilt-free Shopping, the place that tells you what food products to buy without having to worry about the impacts suffered by farmers, or by the environment. Remember these names whenever you buy products in the categories below. No, they are not all more expensive than what you normally buy, and you might even like the taste more!

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Experts answer 10 questions. The launch of the first farmer-owned Dutch coffee brand.

I asked Dutch coffee experts the challenging questions about the present and future of this daily treat, with the aim of launching a farmer-owned brand in the Netherlands. The topics covered are: Some quick thoughts on flavor, taste and real coffee. The big picture – corporations and monopolies. The raise in income inequality and the […]

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Why VSS (Standards, Certification and Labels) are failing

And here’s a longer description of each step: Addition of burdensome elements. VSS were introduced to deliver change through existing markets. Although they were undeniably based on good principles, the approach used was the addition of burdensome elements for every level in the market: labels, inspections, audits, standards and certification. Becoming complex and expensive. Although meant to inform […]

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Open (unpaid for now) positions

Hi! Right now Change in Choice is a concept. It needs to grow. We are looking for like-minded people, with an interest in one or all of the following: – a more sustainable food consumption in general – communication and campaigning – impact measurement – Adobe skills (video, photo) – any of the topics described somewhere […]

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The Supermarket Museum

The Supermarket Museum: a new communication channel for organizations that have a clean sheet and create positive social and environmental impact.  If you are such an organization, please read further and contact Change in Choice with any questions or ideas. You walk into what looks like a supermarket and you see:   What is it? Complete the following […]

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Who we are

We offer consultancy on identifying, measuring and reporting relevant impact, starting with designing theories of change. Our strategic advice helps organizations in their positioning as positive impact creators. This goes beyond old-school advice on sustainability. We believe that new, innovative business models can turn any business into a social enterprise and we’re ready to talk […]

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